Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The Sun is setting in Sedona.
There is much afoot.
Many plans in the works.
Manifesting Magic going on.
Mercury has gone direct.
Time to get on IT!!!

My best advice in this moment -
Keep your attention on what you want and remove it completely from what you don't want.
Energy flows
Where Attention goes.

Keep your Attention focused.
Keep your eyes on the prize!!
Bon Nuit

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Last night Akal attended a very unique Birthday party.
A friend of his named Steve turned 50.  To celebrate Steve threw himself a Birthday Ceremony.
He invited his friends and asked each one to bring a bead in lieu of a present.
The Ceremony was in a Medicine Wheel.  It began with everyone being saged and then Steve called in the directions.  The Ceremony had many elements.  Steve had a chair set up beside him for the Spirit of his father.  he spoke about the many stages of his life.  As a son, a young man, a husband etc.  He burned his astrology chart so that he would be releaseed from the influence of the planets.  And as each person presented him with their bead they told a little story about the bead and why they were giving it to him.  Steve plans to make a necklace from all the beads and wear it as a medicine necklace.  There was more to the ceremony but those were the hi lights. Afterwards everyone shared a potluck.
What a great idea!!!
To close out an old year and walk thoughfully and consciously into a new year.  To really Celebrate a life passage and acknowledge yourself and your Path with Witnesses.
Our culture doesn't really have many rites of passages like that.  Steve had to invent his own.
My birthday is coming up in a few days and it has me thinking about how I want to mark the day.
There are so many rites of passages that we do not fully acknowledge.
I invite you now to become the inventors of your own rites of passage and start a whole new trend.
how will you celebrate your child's baptism?  first tooth?  your new job? new home?  eath of a loved one? divorce? birthday?
We create lovely Wedding Ceremonies and Committment Ceremonies and Vow Renewal Ceremonies with many people.  Now I want to expand this and begin to assist other sto create their own Initiation Ceremonies to Celebrate their Lives and every rite of passage large or small.
I'd love it if you would share your Ceremonies.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Today was a family morning.  We all packed up, Akal and I and 4 big Baby dogs and went to the creek.
There was running and swimming and splashing and jumping and Sun.
And now everyone is very happy and everyone ate a big dinner.
Which makes me happy because I'm Polish and food is part of the Love.
I Love to cook for my pack - and I do cook for all the kids and Dad every night.  And everything I make is full of my Love.
That's one of the reasons I don't like to eat out.  I spent many years as an aspiring actress waiting tables. And as a waitress I saw a lot of stress, anger, resentment and negativity in many a kitchen.
I am appalled at the cooking shows now in Vogue where there is so much agression and attack - who wants to eat that food?!
There was a great little heathfood store/restaurant in Albuquerque called Forty carrots (don't know if it stiill there.) It was run bu Christy Brinckley's brother.   I loved the food there.  One morning I was sitting outside wating for the store to open.  I heard the owner inside.  As he was preparing the food he was singing sacred chants.  Ah ha I discovered his secret for awesome food!!  Akal and I began to sing with him.  He opened the door amazed.  He said in all of his years cooking no one had ever figured out what he was doing.
I am not much of a cook and I don't like to cook for anyone but my family because I am not too confidant about my skills.  But my family loves my food and never complains.  And my secret ingredient is Love and a few Sacred chants and thanking the food and being grateful.
So kiss your carrots, caress your melons, sing to your cucumbers and bless your buns!
Bon Apetit!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I didn't post yesterday because my computer was being scanned.
I find that a very intersting concept.
Scanning for Viruses.
Something that our computers need regularly.
Something that our bodies, mind and spirits need as well.
I invite you - and myself to take a moment and breath deeply and Scan your physical body.
Really check in and see how your body is doing.  Any aches, pains?  Have you done your breast scan?
How does your body really feel?  Any foods you are craving?  Any supplements required?
Now let's scan your thoughts.  Any disturbing thoughts/  Fear thoughts?  Caught on a wheel of repeating thoughts? 
How about the emotional body - how do you really feel in this moment?
Is there strees?  are you holding your breath?
Scan your Spirit now.  Is it heavy or Light?  Can your spirit Fly?
Remember in ancient Egypt that believed that when you passed over your Soul was put on a scale (those Libran scales of Balance again) and the counterweight was a feather.  If your soul was heavier than the feather you were not granted entrance.
Is your Soul as light as a feather today?  Or is something making it heavy?
Consider this an inward smudging - a quick scan of your Being.  And consider taking a few moments on a regular basis to check in with yourself and run your own Spirit Spyware.
We'll call it the Sedona Spirit Scan.
Blessings on this beautiful Sedona Sunday morning

Friday, September 25, 2009


A very special and Dear Wolf friend and a Legend in Sedona is just this moment leaving his body and returning home to run with his Wolf Pack in the Sky.
He appeared in Sedona one day and kept all us Wolf Lovers here scrambling trying to rescue him for almost a month!
The first time I saw him was at 6 a.m. one morning when I was headed to work and there he was running along West Hwy 89A. I pulled over, jumped out of the car and tried to catch him but he was too scared for that.  I called Akal and he went out after him but no luck there either.
After that we were all on the look out for him.  I left doxens of steaks along the road for him that month - usually at the Dolphin  Fountain where he liked to go for a drink.
Our local dog catcher was also trying to get him and with the help of my friend Ellie - he set up her no harm trap and one morning there he was.  I think he just got tired and surrendered.
Humane Societies in the States are not allowed to adopt out Wolf Dogs but they did allow my Wolf Sister friends and I to take care of him while he was in his mandatory quarantine.
I was allowed to go into his pen with him and take off the chain collar that was stuck around his neck and one leg.  I spent many hours with him there, comforting and fattening him up before we could take him home.
I have several very devoted Wolf Mama friends who have done their share of rescuing and this time it was my turn to take in a stray.
Akal and I named him Merkaba - which means the vehicle of Light around the body , that protects us and is our Ascension Vehicle.
Our two girls Shakina and Vajrayana did not take a liking to Merkaba.  Vajrayana refused to come in to the house the entire couple of weeks he lived with us and she was very ornery to his face.  Shakina would have nothing to do with him at all.
Our once happy family was torn apart.
We learned of Merkaba's past.  He was foudn in Los Angeles running the streets crazed after a noisy 4th of July.  He must have been spooked and run away from home.  His home was never found but the lady working in the Humane Society there really fell for him and she located a Wolf Sanctuary in Phoenix run by our friend Danya called Where Wolves Rescue and she took a road trip with Merkaba to take him to the refuge.  Danya adopted him out to a lady in a town about 40 minutes from us.  Merkaba was again spooked and jumped the fence and headed to Sedona where he roamed the streets for a month.
He was skinny and ill and needed a lot of Love and that is when Sherri and Jack - fellow Wolf Mama and Papa said they would take him in.
Shakina and Vajrayana where thrilled to see him go and Akal was very, very sad.
Merkaba was the happiest of all.  it seems he traveled all that way to find the love of his life - Sherri.
He never once tried to leave his new home and his new Love.
And now Merkaba is in his Ascension Vehicle on his way back home.  And I know that he fulfilled his mission and that wa to truly love his Mama and Papa.
Bless you Merkaba
Vaya Con Dios
Iala and Akal and Shakina and Vajrayana

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Sedona Red Rock Tours is happy to ANNOUNCE two new Sedona Retreats coming in 2010

January 24-28, 2010
 Kokopelli Suites


February 7-11, 2010
Red Agave Resort

You can read all about them at:

We are offering an EARLY BIRD Special for all those who Book before January 1, 2010.

So Reserve your space today!!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Madonna Rock

Another beautiful Fall day in Sedona.
Akal had a powerful experience with a couple today at Chapel Vortex.
The Chapel is right under Madonna Rock.  You can see Madonna Rock on our new video on the first page of
She is very beautiful with a strong, loving, Mother energy.  Many people experience a deep loving and healing when they are in her presence.
I have been working on putting together two very special Group Retreats for early in 2010.
As soon as the web page is up I will tell you more.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today is the Fall Equinox.
And today Fall has come to Sedona.
The temperature has dropped down to the breezy 80s.  I actually had a sweater on earlier.
I got to lay in the hammock in the middle of the day without getting heat stroke!!

Equinox is a day in time when night and day are equal.
A time of Balance.
The time of Libra.
My time!!!

I am a Libran and for me it is all about finding Balance.
In my Yoga class this morning we practiced many balancing poses.
This was made even more interesting by the strong winds.
Seems a lot like Life.  There is always a force counter balancing us, ready to throw us off our center.  Keeping us on our toes - which of course keeps us off balance.
In Yoga I always tell people Balance is about being grounded and having a strong core.
It's true in our lives as well.  So lower your heels and plant your feet firmly on this Earth.
And Engage your Core. 
Find your Center Within.

This is the Season of finding Balance in your Life.

Happy Fall Everyone.
And may the Scales of Balance Be with you.
Ah ho!

Monday, September 21, 2009


It is an awesomely beautiful day in Sedona.
My day started with a lovely family at 7:30 a.m. - we all went to the Creek and did Yoga.
Then they went off and had a Vortex Experience with Akal.
And now they are with Miss Patricia having a Dosha Tour .

Today is the International Day of Peace.
Let me share with you the Peace Meditation we did at the Creek.
Breath deeply.
Take a a quiet moment and go within.
Imagine Peace in your Daily Life.
See how your Life looks when you live it in Peace.
Imagine Peace in your community.
Paint a clear picture of what Peace in your Community looks like.
Imagine Peace in your workplace.
See everyone getting along in harmony.
Imagine Peace in your country.
Envision Peace in politics and Religions.
Imagine Peace in the World.
Imagine a World where Life is Sacred and all peoples are honored and respected.

Feel how wonderful it feels to live in this World of Peace.
Feel how happy and relaxed and stress free your Life is in this Peace filled World.
Feel the Love that wells in your heart for all living Beings
Feel how safe and welcomed you feel in this World.
Let your JOY bubble forth.

Peace Peace Peace
Paz Paz Paz
Shalometh Shalom
Shanti Shanti Shanti

Let there be Peace on Earth
And Let if Begin today
In our hearts and in our World.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sweet Sunday

I almost forgot toBLOG today!!
Just turning off the computer when I remembered.
It's been such a full, beautiful Sunday.
I got to teach a Yoga class and then take out a tour with two lovely ladies who have been out with me before.
We were blessed instantly with a Roadrunner sighting.
He was a beautiful greater Roadrunner and he ran along beside our car for quite some time and he set the tone for our entire time together.
Lots of Roadrunner teachings.  Powerful Medicine.
I promise to share Roadrunner teachings with you as we go along.  But in the meantime, let me ask you this -What does Roadrunner mean to you?
I'd love it if you email me your impressions at:
I'll add it to my growing knowledge of this very powerful totem.

Akal was out on a tour of his own and he reports that he had a fabulous conversation with a lovely couple all about Jung.  We never know what wonderful moments await us on a Sedona Vortex Tour.

This afternoon I booked Akal a much desired massage at the Sedona Rouge Spa.  And now I have lots of Love Credit in the Marriage Bank.

Good Night and Blessings

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vortex Experience

Akal is on a major Vortex Experience today with two Women from out East.
They wanted to come to Sedona and really delve deep into the Vortex Experience so they are spending all day on the Rocks!

I am sure they are having a powerful time because the elements keep making themselves known.
Beautiful Big Clouds have been forming. 
Deep rumbling thunder. 
The smell of rain is in the air.
Lots of power and support for their communion with the Spirit of Sedona.

Patricia is just about to meet two woman for a Dosha Tour
- it looks like they may have the very rare Blessing of Rain.

May the Rain of Blessings Fall!
May the Rain of Blessings Fall on Sedona.
May the Rain of Blessings fall on YOU!
May the Rain of Blessings Fall on this beautiful Earth.
Ah HO!!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Akal and I are very excited today because our new video is up on our website.
it is a creative masterpiece if we say so ourselves.
I wrote and directed, filmed and am doing the voice over. Akal filmed some, edited, did the music and drums and sings in it and of course Sedona is the Star.  The video is a mini vortex experience.
Go to to watch it now.

Today has been one of those strange Sedona days - when it is better to stay in than go out.  Some days no one and nothing here goes like you think it should.  On days like this I like to repeat this mantra to myself:

Remember Iala
It is not happening to you - it is happening for you.


Thursday, September 17, 2009


I spent today at the Creek. 
At my favorite spot. 
In the shade. 
A lovely, cold pool to swim in.
The soothing sound of the water combined with the green of the trees.
I saw a big black hawk and a heron.
A very friendly duck paid me two visits.
I had a very powerful treatment from Luc Chabot - Medical intuitive, osteopath extraordinaire yesterday.
I took time in this magical place to allow my body to heal and recover, regenerate and integrate.
This one passage from
The 99th monkey by Eliezer Sobel
made me laugh out loud - startled the Duck.
I hope you get a chortle too.
"You can't get rid of anger through "release work". You can temporarily release some energy and lose your voice and perhaps pull a muscle, but the anger remains.
Suppressing it doesn't work either.
Maybe we should take a hint from the Dalai Lama, whose audiotape I have: "Transforming Anger Through Patience".  Of course he also mentions in passing that even a single moment of anger can literally destroy all the good karma accumulated from a lifetime of good works. If that's not enough to piss you off, I don't know what is."
You may wonder what was Akal doing while I was at the Creek?  he was putting the finishing touches on our new Youtube video - The Sedona Vortex Experience.  It should be up on our site soon.
Check it out at:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today has been a typical Sedona Day.  
Intense, Emotional and full of powerful Visions.
In the land of the Red Rocks - expect the unexpected.
The good news is we have 2 followers.  One is a psychic so I know that he knows exactly what I want to say - so I leave it to you Eric to translate my thought impressions to our other follower.
Until I have recovered sufficiently to be more forthcoming - allow me to remind everyone that we offer daily yoga  at the Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa.
Good Night and Blessings

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Sedona is a mystical, magical Temple Landscape.  We at Sedona Red Rock Tours are Blessed to live surrounded by these majestic Red Rocks and the grace of the 'Spirit of Sedona' herself.
We are grateful to share with you our daily experiences, insights. ah ha moments, latest spiritual technologies, spiritual tools, great books, teachers, revelations, quotes, jokes, hopes, and dreams.
We would love you to check in with us regularly and see what's going down in Sedona.  Hear about our latest Visions and Stories.  Join us for a tour or Retreat or Tipi Temple Session in person when you can or commune with us in cyberspace until then.
Sedona Red Rock Tours consists of a small very loving spiritual family that is slowly growing.  The nucleus of our family unit consists of Me - Iala, my husband Akal and our dear friend Patricia.
I am the one that loves to tell stories and write - so I will most likely be making most of the daily posts.
Akal is our grounding energy, in house Shaman and Spiritual Center.
Patricia is a delightful, loving and sweet soul sister who is our ayurvedic specialist, a spiritual Counselor, non-denominational minster, yoga teacher and rapidly recovering lawyer.
We also have an awesome SEO optimizer named Ben who is rapidly becoming our Guru.
We welcome you to our Brand New Blog and invite you to visit our website at:
And I'll talk to you again tomorrow.
Blessings and Namaste