Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Expand Expand Expand Expand
Oh God Expand my narrow room.

Powerful Prayer that one.

Let's say it agian to give us courage, confidence and strength.

Expand Expand Expand Expan.
Oh God, Expand my narrow room.

Open my mind, Open my heart.  Open my vision.  Open my hands.
Open my Spirit. Expand my limits.  Expand my horizons.  Give me COURAGE.
Let me step forward fearlessly.

can you tell that today has been a day that has cracked me a bit?  Rather than allowing ourselves to crack under the strain of change and expansion and Life - may we flow freely into every large spaces, expanding to fill the Universe of possibilities.

Or in other words - it's only money.


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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dreams and Awards

Akal had a dream of Kia this morning.  They were in a car and her back was to him she was talking to me and asking me how I am.  First Kia dream sighting.

Today was about clearing past energy and creating new space for a friend.
And now it is Academy Awards night.
This night comes with a lot of baggage for me.

When I was young I was going to win one before I was 30.  Then in my 30's when I lived off the grid in the jungle - a momentary brush with electricity, satellite dishes and an Academy Awards night brought my happy, loving world tumbling down and plummeted me into the darkest, deepest depths of despair.

What a life - what a planet - what a concept.
And the Award goes to .. .

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jin Shin for Animals

Today was the Jin Shin Jyustsu for Animals and their People friends with Aurora Adonai.

So much information and so revealing.  I had some ah ha moments about my alpha, Shakina and why she need her heart or chest rubbed everyday or she becomes a raging alpha.
Jin Shin is such a magical and truly effective healing tool.

I recommend you find a practitioner in your area and have a treatment - once you try it you will be hooked.   It is especially good because you can so easily learn self-help methods and also how to treat your Beloved four leggeds.

When you visit Sedona make sure you contact us at for a private Jin Shin vortex retreat session with Aurora. 


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm tilting

The earth has been shifted on its axis from the Chilean earthquake.  Many people feel ill and headachy and ungrounded - getting their new bearings on this ship called Gaia.

I am just crawling up from a rabbit hole sewer that I was flushed down on Friday night - regaining my center and my command over this physical vehicle.

Kia is flying with the angels. We feel her hand and heart in many things.

Anita made contact with some people in the Film Festival that she felt could help the orphanage and then the very next day unbeknownst to us the same film group was recommended to our tour company and went out on a very powerful tour with Akal.

One of their numbers took his dive in Haiti and his presence was profoundly felt in the group. And at the film's BEYOND THE CALL's premier at the Festival the lead character in the documentary told the audience that he had been on a tour with Akal and that after 3 major heart attacks he had no feeling in his right hand but after his experience on the Sedona Vortexes he was beginning to regain feeling - and so he was no longer a metaphysical sceptic. 

And then he said that there was an orphanage in Peru that they wer going to look into aiding.  I feel Kia's wings flapping in that synchronicity.

We are invited to perform a Wedding Blessing and for Akal to drum and sing to a wedding in India - with all the gurus in India you think they could make due.  I feel Kia's hand in this one too. 

India is that much closer to Bali - where she too knew that Akal must go soon.  She has dear friends there and there is someone or someplace that Akal must connect with soon.

Aurora - my angel Jin Shin healer brought me back up the hole bit by bit, day by day, flow by flow with her gentle love and healing gifts  And then she gave me a beautiful Angel that Kia had made and given her years ago.

Holding the Angel, I feel that I am holding Kia - in a timeless embrace.  Her spirit is in my heart for good.
She used to say:

I Love,  I Love, I Love.
It was her mantra.
I Love.

I share it with you and I invite you to try it on.  It feels good on the tongue - soothing on the mind and sweet in the heart.
I Love.   I Love.  I Love.

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