Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New year's Eve everyone. these are powerful times.  Today is a full Moon, Blue Moon, lunar eclipse and it is also a Super Moon - closest to the Earth with the Sun, Earth and Moon all in alignment. Haven't had a full moon on New Year's Eve since 1971 (I was in highschool). It is also the end of a decade.
Fabulous time to sit back, breath and review 2009.  Take time to be grateful for the good, the bad and the ugly too.  It may not all be good but it is all for the good.

I for one have a lot to be grateful for this New Year's Eve.  And I have lots to be grateful for and intend and pray and envison for this New Year and this New Decade.

I will leave you now because we are preparing for a day long Celebration, Ceremony in our Tipi Temple.
We're lighting a Blue Candle to represent the Blue Moon - looking toward the Blue Star Sirius and opening to our highest Good and the Highest Good of Humanity and our Beautiful Blue Planet.

Pura Vida
and Peace, Shanti, Paz, Shalometh Shalom everyone!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!!!

It's 32 dgrees in Sedona and snowing!!

All our fury children are curled up inside.  Thunder Mountain is lost behind a cloud of fog.
And I just discovered that there is such a thing as the Univerity of Sedona!!

Isn't it amazing that whatever we need or we imagine comes right to our door? 
 Here are two examples that happened today:
Earlier this year I told my dear husband Akal that it was time for him to get his doctorate (I had one of my visions.  Once that happens there is really no other choice for him  but to make it so Number 1)- and lo and behold exactly what he needs opens up about three blocks from our home.  Really no excuses to buckling down and writing a thesis!

Another case in point.  We have a beautiful home and property in Sedona -  lots of Sun - so easy to go solar and we have been creating garden terraces in our back yard - still I kept thinking that we need a well.  Today in the mail we received a letter from a company that digs wells and checks for existing wells etc.  Well, our home just might have something like that since it is one of the original homes in Sedona.  They had to get water from someplace - right?  Without me doing anything about it - information came right to me.  definitely a path to explore.

For this coming New Year I am going to get even more specific and be extra special careful what I call into my life.  Cause at this point whatever I envision is walking right up to my gate and ringing the bell.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Visitors from A far

Today was very special - all the kids did a special Medicine Walk and worked with one of our clients - so Sefira was distracted from her escapades.  While they were gone I saw the reason for her desire - a COYOTE!! He came up to the fence as brazen as day looking for her - well, that is not going to happen!
Tonite we have erected flood lights so we cansee more of the yard and we are exploring other security options as well.
AND we had a wonderful surprise visit from Lorraine Moller and Harlan and family.  Lorraine is an amazing woman she was one of the very first woman marathon runners and won the Bronze Medal for New Zealand in Barcelona.  She is now a wonderful healer and powerhouse woman.  I met her a few years ago when I was touring in Boulder.  She and Harlan did some very transformative sessions on me.  Well they were on their way from California to Colorado and stopped for a hug an exchange of Honi and the Sacred Breath of Aloha and she had another piece for me - about the WHALE -(more on the Whale energy later) - apparently there is a magical woman named Grace Whale in New Zealand that I will be going to meet with her in New Zealand.  Yippee- I love spiritual adventures.
Akal took them all to Airport and did a drum and a song for them and now they are on their way through Navajo Land. 
Good Day.
More pieces of info in my personal Medicine Puzzle.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Today and most of yesterday and I am sure a big part of the next few days has been and will be about fences around here.
Our little Angel Sefira is in heat and she is not handling it well.
Whenever our backs are turned she is attempting to dig out of the yard - she had one successful venture so far.  Very unnerving for us.  We are fortifying heavily and she is under parent surveillance at all times.  One of us must be home and aware of her whereabouts at all times. Her brother Samadhi is very willing to aid and abeit her in her planned escape.  So he is under house arrest as well.
It takes a lot of vigilance to keep her distracted and happy.  And at the same time figure out how to secure our borders.  I have new appreciation for Home Land Security.
So here are some thoughts for you today.
Are there certain overhelming drives and desires in your life that may be getting in the way of your security and your families happiness? 
Are they really worth it? 
And are there any fences in your life that need mending? 
Might be a good time.  Even when you think you have done all that you can to repair the damages you would be surprised that there is always something else you can try.  Don't allow yourself to be thwarted.
Trust me no matter how besieged and bedraggled those fences may be - with a little innovation and imagination there is always something else you can do mend them.
Sometimes our loved ones just need us to be a little extra ingenious in our love and our care taking.
Making sure our Loved ones are safe and protected from harm is never too much work.
Everyone is in the house den for the evening crunching on fabulously stinky Elk Bones.
And for now all the fences are secure and alls quiet on our home front.
Pleasant dreams and to more fence mending manana.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chakra Balance

Today was my first yoga Class back at the Sedona Rouge since December 4th!!

Since you couldn't be there - here's a quick exercise for clearing, balancing and opening your chakras.

Visualize the Great Central Sun shining over your head.
Inhale one single ray from the Great Central Sun into your Crown Chakra
and all the way down to your Root Chakra at the base of your spine.
Then exhale this single ray back up your spine to your Heart Chakra and out from your
Heart in a circle radiating out for 11 miles in all directions.
Repeat this breath for 1 minute.
Voila all Chakras are now open and balanced.
A very quick and effective method.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

It's a beautiful Boxing Day in Sedona.
Boxing Day is a Canadian tradition - very much like Black Friday.  Everyone boxes up what they want tor eturn and the stores are packed and the deals are flowing.  But mostly people use it as another excuse to get together with friends and family - so there's another big meal and parties tonite in Canuck Land.
Akal and I are both Canucks eh?
We've been celebrating by sleeping in and going for a warm sun drenched hike with our doggies.  And reading news reports of snow and storms in the East.
Did we mention that we love our Southwest Paradise.  Bless you Sedona!! Ah Ho.
So Happy Boxing Day Eh.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Ola from Costa Rica

Beautiful evening - rain on the roof, waves crashing on the shore, Ylang Ylang perfume in the air, breeze in the hair.  Mmmmmmm.
Wish you were here.
This year's Costa Rica Retreat was a great success and next year you WILL be here with me.
Pura Vida

Friday, December 4, 2009



It is upon us at last.  We depart tomorrow morning for Costa Rica.  There are 6 lovely women coming with me from Colorado, California, Canada, Phoenix and Sedona.  We are off to relax and rejuvenate.  I am going to the OCEAN!!
I am pretty sure I will not be blogging - but maybe Akal might upload a few Blogs if we are lucky!!  Akal will be here in Sedona taking people out on powerful Vortex Tours and performing Wedding Ceremonies - so book one or both today!!
So no news for the next two weeks from Sedona - but Iwill be back for Christmas - and it will be a Red Rocks Sedona Christmas.
Hasta La Vista Babies
Hope you can join us next year in Costa Rica!!
Until I return
Vaya Con Dios

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Back to the World

It's time to leave the Divine Heart and return to your life.
You have crossed that Bridge in your life.
You are in the Divine Heart.
Take this Peace and Love with you into your World.
It is not happening to you
It is happening for you.

Everything in your World is unfolding FOR you.  it is all a gift.  you get to experience it all.  Lucky you.



It is perfect.

We are all growing, expanding, evolving, awakening to our truth, our Light and our Divinity.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Center

Well, you've had plenty of time to think about it. It is now time to choose the Bridge that you will take to cross over into the Divine Heart.
We've all said:"Ill cross that bridge when I come to it."
Well, you've come to it now.  So cross the Bridge and I will meet you in the Center, the Hrit,
The Divine Heart.

Sit in the center for a moment or two and feel it all fall from your shoulders.  All the burdens you have been carrying.  Let it all go.  All the people, places, things.  Any need to control or judge - let it go. 
Let go and Let God.
Let your belly and your gut relax.  Take a deep breath. feel the Peace in this place.

Turn to the North and the great rounded breasts of the  Heart - the feminine side of the Heart and allow your self to receive all the Love the Divine Mother has for you in this moment.  Fill up.  Drink deeply from this well.
Now let yourself envision all of your Loved Ones, your life.  See your Life and your Beloveds from this place of allowing. For just this moment let them all be and do and express and experience exactly what they want to.  It is all perfect.  It may not all be good - but it is all for the good.
Realize that all of this life - all of the circumstances and experiences have not been happening TO you - they have been happening FOR you.
Nurture your self in this Heart that Allows -this Heart that is only Love. This place of unconditional Love.
When you are full and overflowing and glowing and sparkling with Love turn to the South gate and the masculine point of the heart and allow this Love you are to flow from your Heart and into the World.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

West to North to East again

Yesterday we made it to the South Bridge and today we travel on to the West bridge.
The element here is Water and it is now 6 p.m. or 50 years of age.
If you choose to cross the Bridge into the Divine Heart from the West Gate you would be crossing abridge of deeply felt emotions and you would be in the flow having released resistance.
From here we travel to the North Gate.  The element here is Earth. The time midnight.  The age 75.
This bridge to the Divine Heart is very grounded and peaceful. 
From here we travel back to the East gate. Back to 6 a.m. and the bonus 25 years taking you to the full measufre of a life.  This is the gate we entered through and if we choose to cross the bridge here the Element is now Ether.  This is the Ascension Bridge - the rising up.  This is also our exit.  Our death to the material World is our entrance into the Spiritual world and a walk around the Spirit Wheel.
In every Medicine Wheel another is implied - they create an infinity symbol - Birth/Death/Birth/Death.  Until we find the path that lifts us up and beyond this infinity cycle.
So now meditate on the bridge that is for you.  And tomorrow - we will come to the Bridge and we will cross it.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Divine Heart

The Human Heart at the East Gate
I took some people from my yoga class to the Divine Heart Wheel this morning.  It reminded me that I haven't finished telling you about the Wheel.

So here's a little walk around the Wheel.

The Wheel is entered through the East gate.  The East gate is a giant black rock heart.  This represents the human heart  The human heart is the heart that can be broken.  That heart that bleeds and cannot bear all the World's pain and sorrow.  It is the heart that wonders how they could do this or that to me?  It is the heart that judges.

As you enter through the East gate there is a bridge or path to the center.
You may choose this bridge.  The East represents the element of Air.  So if you choose to cross the bridge here you will enter through the Bridge of Inspiration and playfulness.  You will see with the eyes of a child - open and eager.

As we travel around the wheel to the South we are traveling in time.  The south represents high noon or a person at the age of 25.  Fire is passionate and when you are 25 you know it all.  If you choose to cross the bridge here you will enter with a firey, passionate power.

I leave you at this point - I leave you with the passions and playfulness of a young heart.  Enjoy it.  And soon we will journey onward in the circle of life.


Saturday, November 28, 2009


Today we had two Weddings planned.
And there was a storm brewing.

The first Wedding was lovely at awesome Red Rock Crossing. The Sun was shining through the clouds.  Our couple had their grown children with them.  They met years ago when their families were neighbors.  And three years they met again when both were single.  Their children were with them to celebrate.  Lots of joy and Love.  And the weather held beautifully.

As we waited for the second couple to arrive - the clouds took over the sky - the temperature dropped and we were simply concentrating on holding the rain back.

But Sedona smiled upon them and gave us a great miracle - the Sun burst through the clouds and shone on their vows!!  This was a lovely young couple who were both in the military.  Very much in love and so happy. What a great pleasure to marry them.

Akal took lots of fabulous pictures and serendaded us with the flute and even blew th conch shell.
And Sedona blessed us all.


Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanks Giving!

On this day dedicated to gratitude there is so much to be grateful for.
Friends, Loved Ones - my beautiful Babies, Our Home, Sedona - this Life.  All we have created and all we will create.  All our Dreams and Visions and Hopes, This exciting and powerful time we live in and this awesome planet upon which we abide.
Thank you Beloved I AM

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Be Marry

Tis the Season to be Married it seems.
Sedona Red Rock Tours and Weddings has lots of Weddings this month.
We're off in just a few minutes to one at Red Rock Crossing.

As you can see it is a very beautiful and romantic spot fora Wedding.
Red Rock Crossing is also a powerful Magnetic Vortex.
Magnetic means it is feminine.  Very loving and nurturing and enveloping. A wonderful place for a new beginning and  to create a new life together and consecrate that life with a Wedding.
I invite you to join us in Spirit.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Devrah Laval

Today is Devrah Laval's Birthday.  She is my dearest friend and an amazing, inspiring Being of Light.

Her Love and her Wisdom woke me up years ago.  She has been a patient and loving, supportive guide for me all along my path.  She is my soul sister, mother, teacher, friend.
She is that very rare commodity an evolved Scorpio.  She does not now nor never has had a sting.

She is a wonderful and gifted Spiritual Teacher.  She has published a transformational book called
The Magic Doorway into the Divine.

Check it out and learn more about Devrah on her website:

Happy Birthday Devrah.
I love you very much.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wheel Initiation

I know I said we would walk the wheel.  But first let me tell you what happened early April 27/09 when I placed the last rock in the wheel after three months of working on it.
I sat down in the center of the Wheel and thought "Something has to happen now,"
And I was right!
A Roadrunner walked down the hill and entered the Wheel through the West Gate - he did a little dance for me and then exited through the south gate.
I was so awed I began to cry with joy.
The Divine Heart Wheel had been Blessed and Initiated by one of the most powerful medicines in the Southwest,

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More about the Divine Heart Wheel

I got side tracked for a few days but back to my story of the Divine Heart Wheel.
The design inspiration came from Sugar Loaf.
Sugar Loaf is a very important Vortex in Sedona and most people are not aware of it's significance.
In our Sedona Vortex Yoga DVD we filmed one of the Seven Segments at the Top of Sugar Loaf.
And Akal and I were married under the Wedding Tree at the base of Sugar Loaf.
One of these days if you keep checking this Blog I will tell you a powerful story about Sugar Loaf.
For now it is important for you to know that a Vortexes energy rings out for 22 miles.  The Sedona Rouge is located in the energy field of Sugar Loaf. So it is this energy that informs and empowers the Divine Heart Wheel.
Once I knew what I wanted to build I spent three months hauling rocks from home and measuring out perfect circumferences and creating the Wheel.
In the East Gate there is a Heart made of Black Basalt Rock - this represents the Human Heart.
In the Yogic Chakra Tradition there are two Hearts.  The Human Heart which is located just above the diaphragm and is very closely related to the third Chakra.  This Human Heart Chakra actually thinks - no believes it can be broken.  It wonders how people can hurt it so much - it cannot take the pain of the World.
This is the Bleeding, breaking, crying Heart. How could they do this to me?  How could they do it like that?  Why would they do that?  This Heart likes to control, to edit, to judge, limit and change.
This is a very difficult and painful Heart to live in.
There is another Heart Chakra - this is known as the Hrit - or the Divine Heart.
The Divine Heart is the Heart that cannot be broken.  The image of Christ with his Heart in his palm.  This Heart is only Love.  And love is infinite strength and courage.  This is the Heart that Allows.  This is the Heart that allows everyone and everything to BE, Do and Express and Experience exactly what they wish.  This is the Heart that Let's Go and Let's God.  This is unconditional Love.
That sounds like a Heart that is a lot easier to live with and in.
The Divine Heart Wheel is an actual treasure map in rock that shows you the way to enter the Divine Heart.
Next time we will enter through the East gate together and Walk the Wheel to the Divine Heart.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We had a beautiful Wedding Ceremony yesterday. 
Lovely Bride and Groom all dressed up in  Tuxedo and Bridal Gown.
The Ceremony was at Red Rock Crossing.  So beautiful, with Cathedral in the background and the Creek dancing and bubbling past us and the sky sooo blue.
they just had her parents in attendance as the witnesses. lots of Love.  And Sedona put on such a show - all her finest fall garments.
We truly were blessed.
And today - again she is blessing us with delicious, fall weather.  Sun, blue sky, sweet temperatures.
Lovely, lovely, lovely.
May our Blessings rain upon all of you!

Monday, November 16, 2009


My Beloved friend Kia Milagros is facing a very big health challenge.  Kia is known as Mama Kia in Peru and has a beautiful orphanage with 30 children.  For more on the orphanage please see their website:
For all you yogis and yoginis, Kia also has a beautiful Yoga Retreat Center in the Sacred Valley which is a business that supports the Orphanage and will provide jobs for the children when they grow so that the orphanage continues on always.  See:
Kia is one of the hardest serving, selfless people on the planet.
This fall Kia was diagnosed with Multiple Melanoma.  she had a preliminary treatment in Peru - which was very intense and extremely hard on her.
After lots of research and assistance from her family and friends she is now an outpatient and an incredible clinic in Houston.  For more on this clinic see:
Her treatment there is much more humane and she is doing well.  This is a very intense program and she will have to be a patient there for at least a year.
Her family and friends are helping with the payments but these will be very expensive treatments.  Kia has no Medical Insurance and no savings.  everything she has received has always gone to the children and the orphanage.
If you can help in any way over the next year - please send your donations to:
Wire transfer to:
Duncan Bradley Whiteford
account # 9423099259
Wells Fargo Bank
901 Gessner Rd.
Houston , Texas 77024
Routing # 121000248
Swift # WFBIUS6S
Or mailing address in Sarasota will be:
make checks payable to Bradley Whitford
c/o Feller
2547 Loma Linda Street
Sarasota , Florida
Any funds that remain after her treatments will be given to the orphanage.
Kia still has lots of giving and loving to do on this planet.  thank you so much for being part of her resurrection!  KIA LIVES!!! 
Please share this with your circle. 
May the Kia, the hope and the Love live in all of us.

To Service, Devotion, Life and Love.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Proposal

This morning when I went to teach my daily JOYOGA class I heard a great story.
This happened yesterday.
A man hired one of the Bell Men to paint a giant sheet with the words:


And then the Bell Man had to hike to the top of Doe Mesa and spread out the sheet.
The young man flew overtop in a helicopter tour with his girlfriend and that is how he proposed.
Still no word on whether she accepted but all signs point to YES!!

Sedona is a great place to propose.  Think I will add a special Proposal page to our new website Sedona Destination Weddings.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Divine Heart Wheel

The Divine Heart Wheel
The Divine Heart Wheel is located on the Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa property.  It is a secret little gem - hidden away in the back of the property.  Not many people find it - but those who do are truly meant to!
Last year I had one of my Visions - It became really clear to me that there should be a Medicine Wheel on the Rouge property.  I suggested this to the Manager - he did not know what a Medicine Wheel was.  I sent him info and he said - Yes, let's have a Medicine Wheel.
So, I thought that was that.  I was sure that the grounds people would take it from there.  But nothing happened.  It became very clear that if I thought there should be a Medicine Wheel then I had better build it.
Daniel and Greg agreed on the location and I set about clearing the land.  Akal helped with the really heavy work.
And then - nothing.  I didn't  know what the Wheel should look like.  I sat with it and dreamed on it for several months.  Then the Wheel began to form for me.  It is in the field of the Sugar Loaf Vortex and Sweet Sugar Loaf  greatly influences the Wheel. 
It took me another three months to manifest the Wheel in 3D.  Many days I filled my Raider with rocks from home and pulled a wheel barrow to the car after yoga class and slowly added to the wheel.
More on the Divine Heart Wheel next post!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Rainy Day

It's a cool, cloudy and sometimes rainy day in Sedona.

This is a great Blessing for all wholive here.  We so seldom get rain.  And here's a secret tip for visitors.
Rainy days are one of the best times for getting out on the Red Rocks and exploring.  The air is fresh and smells so sweet.  The trails are virtually empy so you have the whole magical landscape to yourself. AND there are waterfalls and rivers all over the place.  the sky is mystical with clouds and puffs of mist in the canyons.  Make sure you stay up high and avoid the washes and you can have a day and or a tour with Sedona Red Rock Tours that you will never forget!
One place I love to go when it is really raining is the Seven Sacred Pools.  There are waterfalls pouring down the Canyon walls, a river is running through and the pools are gushing.  Awesome!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Last of the Huna principles is:

To Love is to be happy with.

That means a lot.  To Love is to ALLOW.  To Let it Be.  To Let go and let God.  Unconditional Love.  Let the Universe and our Loved Ones expand, explore and evolve as they wish - and to Love them as they are in the Moment of Power - the NOW.
Sharing together the Sacred Breath of Life and allowing that Breath to express exactly what, how ,where and when it feels. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Now is the moment of Power!

Cease the day, the Hour, the Moment.

Like a bumper sticker I picked up in Ashland, Oregon says:



Be in each and every moment as fully as you can.  Inhabit your life.  Be present.

Being Me

Monday, November 9, 2009


Today's Huna principle is:
All Power comes from within.

We all have our own personal, sovereign power.
Our piece of the Spirit pie.  We are born with it and it is our special mark - our Mana.    
The only place we can regenerate or recharge is within ourselves.  Nothing outside can fuel us.  No amount of riches, connections, relationships without can feed that Mana or add to it.  And our Mana is not compatible with any other vehicle.  We can not do it for anyone else.  No one else can truly ride on our power.
All the resources we need are within.
Take a moment.
Breath deeply.
Go within and feel the truth of yourself, your essence., your own personal power - Your MANA.
Honor this Spirit, protect it, feed it and nurture it and when you need it - when you call on it there will be Kala - no limits to your POWER.  Your MANA.
(If you want more Huna and more Blogs from Sedona - please go to our Blog daily and check out our posts and become a follower.)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Happy Sunday morning to everyone.

Today's Huna Principle is one of my favorites.  I really resonate with it.

Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

If it works it is true! 
It is very important for me to be effective.  This principle tells me that truth is not written in stone.  Truth is found in the moment.  And what works now may not work even 10 minutes from now. So in 10 minutes it may no longer be true.
This keeps me in the NOW. 
We must be ready, willing and able to speak, live, know, recognize our truth in each and every moment.
PONO will make masters of us all!


Friday, November 6, 2009

Some More HUNA

Aloha All.

The World was definitely not what I thought it should be this past week but I am back.  Back with more Huna.

The next principle of Huna is:

There are no limits.

And as my Dear friend Richard always reminds me - the sky is definitely NOT the Limit.
There are no limits.

That's not big - it's limitless. 
This is one that I suggest you meditate on for an unlimited amount of time and space.  Let your mind marinate in it.  Allow  expansion to occur.

Whenever I think Kala, I think of my dear friend Kala Kos.  I have known her for 30 years.  A beautiful, spirited, powerful and absolutely unlimited woman.  Synchronicity stepped in this week when Kala sent me an email about her latest project just when I was about to share the principle of Kala with you. .  Since there are no coincidences I figure it means I should share Kala's info with you!
To My Female Friends,

Got some good news to share.

I've been hearing fabulous reports about
the Preview Call Dr. Kala Kos had and  
apparently there was such a record
turn-out that she's scheduled another  
for the weekend.

If you didn't have a chance to join
her LIVE today for:

The 3 Biggest Blunders that Force Women
to Do Too Much, Settle for Too Little,
and Live a Life They Don't Love.

There will be another 75 min call on:

Saturday, Nov 7th
11am pacific/ 1pm central/ 2pm eastern
(The session will be recorded)

This is already online at:

Hope you'll be able to make it and
perhaps pass this on to other female


P.S.  More Huna to come!!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Now it is time for your second Huna lesson from Sedona!!!

Makia was well received so here is Huna Principle #2:

The World is what YOU think it is.

Oooooooo - that's more quantum physics.
This one I cannot get out of my head today.
See I was awake all night with a cold that was giving me a major pain in the head.  And today I am shaking and weak and congested and my head wants to major hurt.
Or does it?
If the World is what I think it is then in my World I am having a wonderful relaxing day curled up on my cozy window seat watching the birds flit about and my babies play in the yard.  Soon I will go for a lovely relaxing Jin Shin Jyutsu healing treatment with Aurora.  These chills are a wonderful escape from my usual HOT flashes.  Today is my Wedding Anniversary and I think we will celebrate with some lovely balls of golden seal and a nice epsom salt bath.
What a wonderful World it is!!!
And that is the best MAKIA on IKI that this desert girl can do today.
Blessings and more HUNA to come.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Two Kahunas come into Sedona
The first one says
and then the second one says let's Honi!!

Not a joke - very true!
Two Kahunas came to Sedona last week.
We had some very powerful adventures with them.

Aloha means:
Alo - face 
Ha- sacred breath of life
Honi is how they share Aloha.
When they greet another person they clasp arms and press their nose and forehead together and inhale and exhale the sacred breath of life together.
Try it - it is very powerful. 
Removes all barriers and facades. 
Spirit greeting Spirit.

Kahunas are priests or priestess of Huna.
Huna is the Hawaiian Philosophy.  It is not a religion it is more like Buddhism.
Akal and I have been intrigued with Huna for many years.
Huna has 7 basic principles
The first one I will share with you today is:

Energy flows where attention goes.

That's a powerful statement.  It's the basis of hypnotherapy and manifesting and Quantum Physics.

Whatever you put your attention on grows.
You are watering the object of your attention with your Sacred Breath of Life - your MANA -your power.
And whatever you are putting your attention on at this moment in your life is growing, getting stronger.
Hopefully, all of your attention is on what you do want - your perfect world.  I know you would never put your attention on your fears - right?!!!!

So remember your MAKIA and I'll share another Huna principle and further adventures with Kalei and Nahoku manana.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It's a very cold day in Sedona.  We even got some Snow!!!
Just now curled up with Akal and watching a Gregg Braden DVD.  I liked this:

Compassion may be defined as:
Thought without attachment to outcome.
Feeling without distortion.
Emotion without charge.

Might be summed up with:

Let it Be
Enjoy the ride.
Allow. Allow Allow.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Dec 5 - 12

This fabulous retreat is all inclusive once you set your beautiful sandal shod feet on Costa Rican soil!!
Includes: all transport in Costa Rica
one night at San Jose Hotel
6 nights at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort
Delicious Tropical Breakfast and Dinners
Canopy Tour
Horse Back riding on the Beach
Salsa Dance Classes
Intention Setting
Nightly Talking Circle
Closing Ceremony
Plenty of Hammock Therapy

I'd love you to be part of this Relaxing, rejuvenating week.
We are leaving in just over a month and it is time to make a decision!!
The resort cannot hold rooms for much longer - so are you coming?!!!

You can stay in a Jungalow with all the above for $2,100
In a Suite for $2,500
and in a Bungalow for $2,700
Or bring a friend and get a Jungalow for $1,800 dbl
Suite for $2,000 dbl
Bungalow for $2,200 dbl.

Email or call me SOON!!!
(928) 282-0993

I really want to see your smiling face over a luscious candlelit dinner under the stars on the beach!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


It's a beautiful fall day in Sedona.
I have gotten out of the habit of writing this Blog. 
I am just getting ready to participate in a Wedding. 
Kacy and Troy have chosen to make Akal and Patricia and I part of their very special day.
They have spent the past four days with us preparing themselves to make this big commitment to each other.
So I will now make a commitment to self to be way more consistent with this Blog -as life and my body allows.
I guess that's the best I can do today.
For now imagine us all at Sunset at Airport Vortex.
Join us in your imagination and be the spiritual witnesses to this very important day for Kacy and Troy!!
Ah Ho!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Sedona Red Rock Tours is now publishing a daily (almost always) Blog!!
It is full of all thing Sedona, Spiritual, Sacred, Chisme (gossip), hopefully humor and the latest from Sedona Red Rock Tours.
We are new to blogs and just discovering the possibilities.
I have your emails because you are either:
a relative
dear friend
past client
yoga student
been on a tour
we married you
you expressed an interest.

Hopefully, I will occassionally write something thought provoking, interesting and or uplifting.  Just in case I do it might be a good idea if you receive our posts directly in your inbox every day because I cannot guarantee exactly when I will be amazing and awe inspiring.  This way you won't miss anything important.
And if your family or friend it is a great way to hear from us regularly!!
If you are still not convinced and would like your name taken off the list I will be happy to do so - just let me know by emailing
Here's to my future brilliance!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This beautiful Tipi Temple was lovingly crafted by Gary and Akal.  It lies on the energy grid lines of SugarLoaf and Chimney Rock under the influence of Thunder Mountain.
These grids create a balance between the Feminine and Masculine and open one to crossing the bridge into the Divine Heart all the while protected by the power of the Great Father Mountain.
Say what?
In other words the Tipi Temple is rocking some very harmonious and transformational vibes!
I had the Vision for the Temple for some time and Akal has tirelessly and faithfully manifested the Vision.
We have discovered that it is a major vortex of Sound and Light healing vibrations. Who knew?
We have already held a wedding in the Temple, a sound healing and many inspirational sessions.
Today we are posting our new TIPI TEMPLE SESSIONS page on our website:

You will find on the very full and fascinating menu some truly unique, one of a kind sessions.
We also wish to open the Temple to hosting Sacred Ceremony and Rites of Passage Ceremonies created especially for you to celebrate milestones, birthdays, accomplishments, beginnings and endings.

Monday, October 12, 2009


7 Yoga Flows filmed at 7 Vortex Sites

Sedona Vortex Yoga is our Love letter to Sedona.
Sedona Vortex Yoga - the DVD is doing very well.
It has been glowingly reviewed in The Light Connection and in Four Corners Magazine!!
A five minute excerpt is being featured on Sedona NOW TV.
And New Leaf Distributions has become our distributor.
You can watch an excerpt on


Thursday, October 8, 2009


Pat Northrup Dived Into Eternity yesterday. 
Pat was a piece of Sedona History.  She was the original owner of The Golden Word Bookstore.  One of the first Metaphysical Bookstores in Sedona.
Pat is a long time friend.  In the early years we never went to a Keyes of Enoch Class without Pat there.
Pat was present that now infamous night when Paul Burns led us in Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adonai Tsbeyoth chant that lasted for over two hours.  There was a Rabbi present from Israel and she said that she had never experienced such a powerful chanting session.
Pat was very supportive of all our projects.  She stocked our CDs in her store and cheered us on in our Costa Rica Vision.  She loved my show and even wrote me a very lovely card that she sent me in the mail congratulating me on my performance.
Pat was a woman with a strong personality and feisty character.  Akal was her Mr Fixit for many years and always came home with a good Pat story.
Up until very recently Pat was sending emails daily.  Always uplifting stories and awesome photos of this Beautiful Planet Earth - this realm that we inhabit.  I can't wait for her transmissions from Spirit Net - glimpses of the splendor she is now experiencing. 
Pat has promised to put in a good word for me on the other side - I now have an Angel infiltrating heaven and working over time on my behalf.  I Am expecting miracles!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Did I mention that I am leading a

YOU could be walking on this Beach!!!

You could be staying in this beautiful Bungalow

You CAN join me in PARADISE!
For more info see our website at:
And them call me at:
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Yippeee!! and Happy Birthday week to me.
This afternoon Akal and I were present to welcome Kekoa home.  He walked in on his own steam.  He was a little groggy.  He did one thing I have been visualizing him doing.  Whenever I give him loving and scratch his chest he always grabs my hand with his paw when I stop to urge me to go on. Today was no exception - he said please I want some more.  And apparently he means more than just a scratch.  His prognosis is good and with all of our strong intentions it will be even better!!

And NOW for my pet peeve of the day.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the term Woo Woo to describe I suppose a Spiritually based lifestyle.
The Spiritual community in Sedona is often called the Woo Wooers.  Friends call and refer anything to do with spirituality to me because they know that I can handle the Woo Woo as they put it.  Concierges call and say that they have more Woo Wooers for us. And on and on.

What one person calls Woo Woo I call the only way to be.
We are all Spiritual Beings have a physical Experience.  We are Spirit exploring matter.  Matter comes and goes. Spirit lives on forever.
The Woo Wooers as we are called know this and live their lives with this in mind.  Our priorities reflect this knowledge and our lives are made richer by this awareness.

And of course now even Physics is a Spiritual Science.  Many people haven't kept up and still believe that Newtonian Physics rules matter.  In this model they believe in fate and being victims. There is nothing you can do to affect what is destined.  But in Quantum Physics we become the Cause.  Consciousness is the Creative Force of the Universe.  And we are as Spirit pure Consciousness.  As such we create the world as we wish.
This is an ancient HUNA (Hawaiian) principle:

IKI - the World is what you think it is.

My friends and I in our "Woo Woo" way used that principle yesterday with Kekoa. And personally, I prefer the results that we got.
For all of those who find comfort in poking fun and distancing themselves from we Woo Wooers my prayer is that you too
Get on Board the Train Before it leaves the station.


Monday, October 5, 2009


I had plans - I was going to sleep in and sit at the Creek and do some Divinations. 
Make plans for the New Year.
Spirit had other plans.
Our day started out at 7 a.m. 
Alarya called. It's her birthday today too.
Her Wolf Kekoa was very ill.  Could Akal help her take him to the Vet.
Akal rushed off.  I felt that I really needed to be there too.  So out of bed I jumped.
Kekoa was in bad shape.  His eyes were glassing over, his gums were very white.
Akal and I did Jin Shin on him that we have learned from Aurora and it made his eyes brighten up.
The Vet was not optomistic.
Alarya opted for surgery to see what was really going on and if he could be saved.
And that's when all the very powerful Intenders present went into gear.
There were five of us, Alarya, her brother, her friend Mary Lyn and Akal and I.
First we decided that the problem was not what the Vet feared and that he would make it through the operation.
We all saw what we wanted and threw out completely what we didn't.
We saw him strong and vibrant and healthy.
We saw him easily surviving surgery.
Then we called Herald ( a very respected teacher of all of us) and he gave Akal and I a prayer task.
We went to Alarya's with some very powerful Medallions and held prayer space with Kekoa's Mother Lakota and his daughter Isis.
They were grateful to be able to be of assistance and they calmed down from their agitation and joined us in our prayers.
Alarya called and said he was safely out of surgery.
Now this evening we all know he is doing much better because he tried to bite his Vet!!
This is a sure sign that the Old Kekoa is back!
Our first miracle was when he made it past the 15 minute mark in surgery and the second was his rallying this evening.
These miracles are the best Birthday present Alarya or I could ever receive.
Here is a little gift for you.  This is a song I sing for Healing.  Please take a moment and chant it for Kekoa, for yourself, for anyone you know who could use some healing:
Yahweh Rafa
Shakina Rafa
Christos Rafa
Om Shanti Om
Shanti Om, Shanti Om

It means :
God Heals
The Divine Female Presence (or Holy Spirit) Heals
Christ Heals
Peace of God
Peace of God
Peace of God

And it case it is your birthday too - Here's a Shamanic Birthday Song I wrote.
You need a drum beat to go with it.

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Heh  Heh  Heh

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Ho Ho Ho!


P.S. Do to circumstances beyone my control, ie LIFE!!!
I do declare that this entire week is my birthday to celebrate as I choose- and Alarya's too!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


It's the Full Moon in Sedona.
It was a wild and raw day, high winds, clouds, sun, rain - La Lluvia de la Luna Llena.
The Full Moon Rain we call it in Costa Rica.
You can almost be certain that it will rain on a full moon in the tropics.
Here in the desert it is a true Blessing.
There was even snow up on the Peaks in Flagstaff.
Fall is here.
The Harvest Moon.
Time to be grateful for all of our Blessings and the Abundance of our Harvest.
Take a moment and really reap your harvest.
Reap the rewards for all that you have planted, all that you have sown, all that has born fruit.  All the Love, Success, Expansion, Growth and Health, comfort, friendship.
For all our Blessings Let us be grateful.
Thank you Beloved,
Gracias Senor,

Saturday, October 3, 2009


We are planning a fabulous Retreat to Costa Rica this December.
You can check out our website at for more info.
Three are some truly lovely people already reserved.  Today we came up with some great discounts on  single occupancy.
Retreat includes all transport in the Costa Rica, One night stay in Hotel in San Jose, 6 nights at Ylang Ylang Resort, Breakfast and Dinner, a massage, daily yoga, salsa dance classes, Canopy Tour and Horse  Back Riding Tour, intention setting, Evcening Group Sharing, Beach Bonfire and Closing Ceremony
You can stay in a Jungalow with all the above for $2,100
In a Suite for $2,500
and in a Bungalow for $2,700
Or bring a friend and get a jungalow for $1,800 dbl
Suite for $2,000 dbl
Bungalow for $2,200 dbl.

we'd love to have you join us!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mercury Direct

Mercury has definitely gone Direct.
There's a lot of balls in the air.

Again i say Keep your eyes on the prize and keep your focus on what you want.
Energy Flows 
Where Attention Goes
This is an excellent time to put in to pratice what we all know to be true.

Let's all Create a New World that we want to live in!!
Let's not walk as sheep into a future that others have predicted.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The Sun is setting in Sedona.
There is much afoot.
Many plans in the works.
Manifesting Magic going on.
Mercury has gone direct.
Time to get on IT!!!

My best advice in this moment -
Keep your attention on what you want and remove it completely from what you don't want.
Energy flows
Where Attention goes.

Keep your Attention focused.
Keep your eyes on the prize!!
Bon Nuit

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Last night Akal attended a very unique Birthday party.
A friend of his named Steve turned 50.  To celebrate Steve threw himself a Birthday Ceremony.
He invited his friends and asked each one to bring a bead in lieu of a present.
The Ceremony was in a Medicine Wheel.  It began with everyone being saged and then Steve called in the directions.  The Ceremony had many elements.  Steve had a chair set up beside him for the Spirit of his father.  he spoke about the many stages of his life.  As a son, a young man, a husband etc.  He burned his astrology chart so that he would be releaseed from the influence of the planets.  And as each person presented him with their bead they told a little story about the bead and why they were giving it to him.  Steve plans to make a necklace from all the beads and wear it as a medicine necklace.  There was more to the ceremony but those were the hi lights. Afterwards everyone shared a potluck.
What a great idea!!!
To close out an old year and walk thoughfully and consciously into a new year.  To really Celebrate a life passage and acknowledge yourself and your Path with Witnesses.
Our culture doesn't really have many rites of passages like that.  Steve had to invent his own.
My birthday is coming up in a few days and it has me thinking about how I want to mark the day.
There are so many rites of passages that we do not fully acknowledge.
I invite you now to become the inventors of your own rites of passage and start a whole new trend.
how will you celebrate your child's baptism?  first tooth?  your new job? new home?  eath of a loved one? divorce? birthday?
We create lovely Wedding Ceremonies and Committment Ceremonies and Vow Renewal Ceremonies with many people.  Now I want to expand this and begin to assist other sto create their own Initiation Ceremonies to Celebrate their Lives and every rite of passage large or small.
I'd love it if you would share your Ceremonies.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Today was a family morning.  We all packed up, Akal and I and 4 big Baby dogs and went to the creek.
There was running and swimming and splashing and jumping and Sun.
And now everyone is very happy and everyone ate a big dinner.
Which makes me happy because I'm Polish and food is part of the Love.
I Love to cook for my pack - and I do cook for all the kids and Dad every night.  And everything I make is full of my Love.
That's one of the reasons I don't like to eat out.  I spent many years as an aspiring actress waiting tables. And as a waitress I saw a lot of stress, anger, resentment and negativity in many a kitchen.
I am appalled at the cooking shows now in Vogue where there is so much agression and attack - who wants to eat that food?!
There was a great little heathfood store/restaurant in Albuquerque called Forty carrots (don't know if it stiill there.) It was run bu Christy Brinckley's brother.   I loved the food there.  One morning I was sitting outside wating for the store to open.  I heard the owner inside.  As he was preparing the food he was singing sacred chants.  Ah ha I discovered his secret for awesome food!!  Akal and I began to sing with him.  He opened the door amazed.  He said in all of his years cooking no one had ever figured out what he was doing.
I am not much of a cook and I don't like to cook for anyone but my family because I am not too confidant about my skills.  But my family loves my food and never complains.  And my secret ingredient is Love and a few Sacred chants and thanking the food and being grateful.
So kiss your carrots, caress your melons, sing to your cucumbers and bless your buns!
Bon Apetit!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I didn't post yesterday because my computer was being scanned.
I find that a very intersting concept.
Scanning for Viruses.
Something that our computers need regularly.
Something that our bodies, mind and spirits need as well.
I invite you - and myself to take a moment and breath deeply and Scan your physical body.
Really check in and see how your body is doing.  Any aches, pains?  Have you done your breast scan?
How does your body really feel?  Any foods you are craving?  Any supplements required?
Now let's scan your thoughts.  Any disturbing thoughts/  Fear thoughts?  Caught on a wheel of repeating thoughts? 
How about the emotional body - how do you really feel in this moment?
Is there strees?  are you holding your breath?
Scan your Spirit now.  Is it heavy or Light?  Can your spirit Fly?
Remember in ancient Egypt that believed that when you passed over your Soul was put on a scale (those Libran scales of Balance again) and the counterweight was a feather.  If your soul was heavier than the feather you were not granted entrance.
Is your Soul as light as a feather today?  Or is something making it heavy?
Consider this an inward smudging - a quick scan of your Being.  And consider taking a few moments on a regular basis to check in with yourself and run your own Spirit Spyware.
We'll call it the Sedona Spirit Scan.
Blessings on this beautiful Sedona Sunday morning

Friday, September 25, 2009


A very special and Dear Wolf friend and a Legend in Sedona is just this moment leaving his body and returning home to run with his Wolf Pack in the Sky.
He appeared in Sedona one day and kept all us Wolf Lovers here scrambling trying to rescue him for almost a month!
The first time I saw him was at 6 a.m. one morning when I was headed to work and there he was running along West Hwy 89A. I pulled over, jumped out of the car and tried to catch him but he was too scared for that.  I called Akal and he went out after him but no luck there either.
After that we were all on the look out for him.  I left doxens of steaks along the road for him that month - usually at the Dolphin  Fountain where he liked to go for a drink.
Our local dog catcher was also trying to get him and with the help of my friend Ellie - he set up her no harm trap and one morning there he was.  I think he just got tired and surrendered.
Humane Societies in the States are not allowed to adopt out Wolf Dogs but they did allow my Wolf Sister friends and I to take care of him while he was in his mandatory quarantine.
I was allowed to go into his pen with him and take off the chain collar that was stuck around his neck and one leg.  I spent many hours with him there, comforting and fattening him up before we could take him home.
I have several very devoted Wolf Mama friends who have done their share of rescuing and this time it was my turn to take in a stray.
Akal and I named him Merkaba - which means the vehicle of Light around the body , that protects us and is our Ascension Vehicle.
Our two girls Shakina and Vajrayana did not take a liking to Merkaba.  Vajrayana refused to come in to the house the entire couple of weeks he lived with us and she was very ornery to his face.  Shakina would have nothing to do with him at all.
Our once happy family was torn apart.
We learned of Merkaba's past.  He was foudn in Los Angeles running the streets crazed after a noisy 4th of July.  He must have been spooked and run away from home.  His home was never found but the lady working in the Humane Society there really fell for him and she located a Wolf Sanctuary in Phoenix run by our friend Danya called Where Wolves Rescue and she took a road trip with Merkaba to take him to the refuge.  Danya adopted him out to a lady in a town about 40 minutes from us.  Merkaba was again spooked and jumped the fence and headed to Sedona where he roamed the streets for a month.
He was skinny and ill and needed a lot of Love and that is when Sherri and Jack - fellow Wolf Mama and Papa said they would take him in.
Shakina and Vajrayana where thrilled to see him go and Akal was very, very sad.
Merkaba was the happiest of all.  it seems he traveled all that way to find the love of his life - Sherri.
He never once tried to leave his new home and his new Love.
And now Merkaba is in his Ascension Vehicle on his way back home.  And I know that he fulfilled his mission and that wa to truly love his Mama and Papa.
Bless you Merkaba
Vaya Con Dios
Iala and Akal and Shakina and Vajrayana

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Sedona Red Rock Tours is happy to ANNOUNCE two new Sedona Retreats coming in 2010

January 24-28, 2010
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February 7-11, 2010
Red Agave Resort

You can read all about them at:

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