Friday, October 30, 2009


Now it is time for your second Huna lesson from Sedona!!!

Makia was well received so here is Huna Principle #2:

The World is what YOU think it is.

Oooooooo - that's more quantum physics.
This one I cannot get out of my head today.
See I was awake all night with a cold that was giving me a major pain in the head.  And today I am shaking and weak and congested and my head wants to major hurt.
Or does it?
If the World is what I think it is then in my World I am having a wonderful relaxing day curled up on my cozy window seat watching the birds flit about and my babies play in the yard.  Soon I will go for a lovely relaxing Jin Shin Jyutsu healing treatment with Aurora.  These chills are a wonderful escape from my usual HOT flashes.  Today is my Wedding Anniversary and I think we will celebrate with some lovely balls of golden seal and a nice epsom salt bath.
What a wonderful World it is!!!
And that is the best MAKIA on IKI that this desert girl can do today.
Blessings and more HUNA to come.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Two Kahunas come into Sedona
The first one says
and then the second one says let's Honi!!

Not a joke - very true!
Two Kahunas came to Sedona last week.
We had some very powerful adventures with them.

Aloha means:
Alo - face 
Ha- sacred breath of life
Honi is how they share Aloha.
When they greet another person they clasp arms and press their nose and forehead together and inhale and exhale the sacred breath of life together.
Try it - it is very powerful. 
Removes all barriers and facades. 
Spirit greeting Spirit.

Kahunas are priests or priestess of Huna.
Huna is the Hawaiian Philosophy.  It is not a religion it is more like Buddhism.
Akal and I have been intrigued with Huna for many years.
Huna has 7 basic principles
The first one I will share with you today is:

Energy flows where attention goes.

That's a powerful statement.  It's the basis of hypnotherapy and manifesting and Quantum Physics.

Whatever you put your attention on grows.
You are watering the object of your attention with your Sacred Breath of Life - your MANA -your power.
And whatever you are putting your attention on at this moment in your life is growing, getting stronger.
Hopefully, all of your attention is on what you do want - your perfect world.  I know you would never put your attention on your fears - right?!!!!

So remember your MAKIA and I'll share another Huna principle and further adventures with Kalei and Nahoku manana.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It's a very cold day in Sedona.  We even got some Snow!!!
Just now curled up with Akal and watching a Gregg Braden DVD.  I liked this:

Compassion may be defined as:
Thought without attachment to outcome.
Feeling without distortion.
Emotion without charge.

Might be summed up with:

Let it Be
Enjoy the ride.
Allow. Allow Allow.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Dec 5 - 12

This fabulous retreat is all inclusive once you set your beautiful sandal shod feet on Costa Rican soil!!
Includes: all transport in Costa Rica
one night at San Jose Hotel
6 nights at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort
Delicious Tropical Breakfast and Dinners
Canopy Tour
Horse Back riding on the Beach
Salsa Dance Classes
Intention Setting
Nightly Talking Circle
Closing Ceremony
Plenty of Hammock Therapy

I'd love you to be part of this Relaxing, rejuvenating week.
We are leaving in just over a month and it is time to make a decision!!
The resort cannot hold rooms for much longer - so are you coming?!!!

You can stay in a Jungalow with all the above for $2,100
In a Suite for $2,500
and in a Bungalow for $2,700
Or bring a friend and get a Jungalow for $1,800 dbl
Suite for $2,000 dbl
Bungalow for $2,200 dbl.

Email or call me SOON!!!
(928) 282-0993

I really want to see your smiling face over a luscious candlelit dinner under the stars on the beach!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


It's a beautiful fall day in Sedona.
I have gotten out of the habit of writing this Blog. 
I am just getting ready to participate in a Wedding. 
Kacy and Troy have chosen to make Akal and Patricia and I part of their very special day.
They have spent the past four days with us preparing themselves to make this big commitment to each other.
So I will now make a commitment to self to be way more consistent with this Blog -as life and my body allows.
I guess that's the best I can do today.
For now imagine us all at Sunset at Airport Vortex.
Join us in your imagination and be the spiritual witnesses to this very important day for Kacy and Troy!!
Ah Ho!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Sedona Red Rock Tours is now publishing a daily (almost always) Blog!!
It is full of all thing Sedona, Spiritual, Sacred, Chisme (gossip), hopefully humor and the latest from Sedona Red Rock Tours.
We are new to blogs and just discovering the possibilities.
I have your emails because you are either:
a relative
dear friend
past client
yoga student
been on a tour
we married you
you expressed an interest.

Hopefully, I will occassionally write something thought provoking, interesting and or uplifting.  Just in case I do it might be a good idea if you receive our posts directly in your inbox every day because I cannot guarantee exactly when I will be amazing and awe inspiring.  This way you won't miss anything important.
And if your family or friend it is a great way to hear from us regularly!!
If you are still not convinced and would like your name taken off the list I will be happy to do so - just let me know by emailing
Here's to my future brilliance!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This beautiful Tipi Temple was lovingly crafted by Gary and Akal.  It lies on the energy grid lines of SugarLoaf and Chimney Rock under the influence of Thunder Mountain.
These grids create a balance between the Feminine and Masculine and open one to crossing the bridge into the Divine Heart all the while protected by the power of the Great Father Mountain.
Say what?
In other words the Tipi Temple is rocking some very harmonious and transformational vibes!
I had the Vision for the Temple for some time and Akal has tirelessly and faithfully manifested the Vision.
We have discovered that it is a major vortex of Sound and Light healing vibrations. Who knew?
We have already held a wedding in the Temple, a sound healing and many inspirational sessions.
Today we are posting our new TIPI TEMPLE SESSIONS page on our website:

You will find on the very full and fascinating menu some truly unique, one of a kind sessions.
We also wish to open the Temple to hosting Sacred Ceremony and Rites of Passage Ceremonies created especially for you to celebrate milestones, birthdays, accomplishments, beginnings and endings.

Monday, October 12, 2009


7 Yoga Flows filmed at 7 Vortex Sites

Sedona Vortex Yoga is our Love letter to Sedona.
Sedona Vortex Yoga - the DVD is doing very well.
It has been glowingly reviewed in The Light Connection and in Four Corners Magazine!!
A five minute excerpt is being featured on Sedona NOW TV.
And New Leaf Distributions has become our distributor.
You can watch an excerpt on


Thursday, October 8, 2009


Pat Northrup Dived Into Eternity yesterday. 
Pat was a piece of Sedona History.  She was the original owner of The Golden Word Bookstore.  One of the first Metaphysical Bookstores in Sedona.
Pat is a long time friend.  In the early years we never went to a Keyes of Enoch Class without Pat there.
Pat was present that now infamous night when Paul Burns led us in Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adonai Tsbeyoth chant that lasted for over two hours.  There was a Rabbi present from Israel and she said that she had never experienced such a powerful chanting session.
Pat was very supportive of all our projects.  She stocked our CDs in her store and cheered us on in our Costa Rica Vision.  She loved my show and even wrote me a very lovely card that she sent me in the mail congratulating me on my performance.
Pat was a woman with a strong personality and feisty character.  Akal was her Mr Fixit for many years and always came home with a good Pat story.
Up until very recently Pat was sending emails daily.  Always uplifting stories and awesome photos of this Beautiful Planet Earth - this realm that we inhabit.  I can't wait for her transmissions from Spirit Net - glimpses of the splendor she is now experiencing. 
Pat has promised to put in a good word for me on the other side - I now have an Angel infiltrating heaven and working over time on my behalf.  I Am expecting miracles!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Did I mention that I am leading a

YOU could be walking on this Beach!!!

You could be staying in this beautiful Bungalow

You CAN join me in PARADISE!
For more info see our website at:
And them call me at:
928 282-0993
to Book your Space NOW!!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Yippeee!! and Happy Birthday week to me.
This afternoon Akal and I were present to welcome Kekoa home.  He walked in on his own steam.  He was a little groggy.  He did one thing I have been visualizing him doing.  Whenever I give him loving and scratch his chest he always grabs my hand with his paw when I stop to urge me to go on. Today was no exception - he said please I want some more.  And apparently he means more than just a scratch.  His prognosis is good and with all of our strong intentions it will be even better!!

And NOW for my pet peeve of the day.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the term Woo Woo to describe I suppose a Spiritually based lifestyle.
The Spiritual community in Sedona is often called the Woo Wooers.  Friends call and refer anything to do with spirituality to me because they know that I can handle the Woo Woo as they put it.  Concierges call and say that they have more Woo Wooers for us. And on and on.

What one person calls Woo Woo I call the only way to be.
We are all Spiritual Beings have a physical Experience.  We are Spirit exploring matter.  Matter comes and goes. Spirit lives on forever.
The Woo Wooers as we are called know this and live their lives with this in mind.  Our priorities reflect this knowledge and our lives are made richer by this awareness.

And of course now even Physics is a Spiritual Science.  Many people haven't kept up and still believe that Newtonian Physics rules matter.  In this model they believe in fate and being victims. There is nothing you can do to affect what is destined.  But in Quantum Physics we become the Cause.  Consciousness is the Creative Force of the Universe.  And we are as Spirit pure Consciousness.  As such we create the world as we wish.
This is an ancient HUNA (Hawaiian) principle:

IKI - the World is what you think it is.

My friends and I in our "Woo Woo" way used that principle yesterday with Kekoa. And personally, I prefer the results that we got.
For all of those who find comfort in poking fun and distancing themselves from we Woo Wooers my prayer is that you too
Get on Board the Train Before it leaves the station.


Monday, October 5, 2009


I had plans - I was going to sleep in and sit at the Creek and do some Divinations. 
Make plans for the New Year.
Spirit had other plans.
Our day started out at 7 a.m. 
Alarya called. It's her birthday today too.
Her Wolf Kekoa was very ill.  Could Akal help her take him to the Vet.
Akal rushed off.  I felt that I really needed to be there too.  So out of bed I jumped.
Kekoa was in bad shape.  His eyes were glassing over, his gums were very white.
Akal and I did Jin Shin on him that we have learned from Aurora and it made his eyes brighten up.
The Vet was not optomistic.
Alarya opted for surgery to see what was really going on and if he could be saved.
And that's when all the very powerful Intenders present went into gear.
There were five of us, Alarya, her brother, her friend Mary Lyn and Akal and I.
First we decided that the problem was not what the Vet feared and that he would make it through the operation.
We all saw what we wanted and threw out completely what we didn't.
We saw him strong and vibrant and healthy.
We saw him easily surviving surgery.
Then we called Herald ( a very respected teacher of all of us) and he gave Akal and I a prayer task.
We went to Alarya's with some very powerful Medallions and held prayer space with Kekoa's Mother Lakota and his daughter Isis.
They were grateful to be able to be of assistance and they calmed down from their agitation and joined us in our prayers.
Alarya called and said he was safely out of surgery.
Now this evening we all know he is doing much better because he tried to bite his Vet!!
This is a sure sign that the Old Kekoa is back!
Our first miracle was when he made it past the 15 minute mark in surgery and the second was his rallying this evening.
These miracles are the best Birthday present Alarya or I could ever receive.
Here is a little gift for you.  This is a song I sing for Healing.  Please take a moment and chant it for Kekoa, for yourself, for anyone you know who could use some healing:
Yahweh Rafa
Shakina Rafa
Christos Rafa
Om Shanti Om
Shanti Om, Shanti Om

It means :
God Heals
The Divine Female Presence (or Holy Spirit) Heals
Christ Heals
Peace of God
Peace of God
Peace of God

And it case it is your birthday too - Here's a Shamanic Birthday Song I wrote.
You need a drum beat to go with it.

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Heh  Heh  Heh

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Ho Ho Ho!


P.S. Do to circumstances beyone my control, ie LIFE!!!
I do declare that this entire week is my birthday to celebrate as I choose- and Alarya's too!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


It's the Full Moon in Sedona.
It was a wild and raw day, high winds, clouds, sun, rain - La Lluvia de la Luna Llena.
The Full Moon Rain we call it in Costa Rica.
You can almost be certain that it will rain on a full moon in the tropics.
Here in the desert it is a true Blessing.
There was even snow up on the Peaks in Flagstaff.
Fall is here.
The Harvest Moon.
Time to be grateful for all of our Blessings and the Abundance of our Harvest.
Take a moment and really reap your harvest.
Reap the rewards for all that you have planted, all that you have sown, all that has born fruit.  All the Love, Success, Expansion, Growth and Health, comfort, friendship.
For all our Blessings Let us be grateful.
Thank you Beloved,
Gracias Senor,

Saturday, October 3, 2009


We are planning a fabulous Retreat to Costa Rica this December.
You can check out our website at for more info.
Three are some truly lovely people already reserved.  Today we came up with some great discounts on  single occupancy.
Retreat includes all transport in the Costa Rica, One night stay in Hotel in San Jose, 6 nights at Ylang Ylang Resort, Breakfast and Dinner, a massage, daily yoga, salsa dance classes, Canopy Tour and Horse  Back Riding Tour, intention setting, Evcening Group Sharing, Beach Bonfire and Closing Ceremony
You can stay in a Jungalow with all the above for $2,100
In a Suite for $2,500
and in a Bungalow for $2,700
Or bring a friend and get a jungalow for $1,800 dbl
Suite for $2,000 dbl
Bungalow for $2,200 dbl.

we'd love to have you join us!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mercury Direct

Mercury has definitely gone Direct.
There's a lot of balls in the air.

Again i say Keep your eyes on the prize and keep your focus on what you want.
Energy Flows 
Where Attention Goes
This is an excellent time to put in to pratice what we all know to be true.

Let's all Create a New World that we want to live in!!
Let's not walk as sheep into a future that others have predicted.