Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sedona is TOP 10

Sedona was just chosen as one of the TOP 10 most beautiful Destinations in America by GOOD MORNING AMERICA!!
To celebrate Good Morning America sent Sam Champion and a camera crew to visit Sedona. 
Sedona Red Rock Tours was chosen as one of the companies to be filmed.  The Sedona Chamber of Commerce felt that our company and Akal especially would be the best representative of the Spiritual Side of Sedona.  A very great honor indeed.
Akal met them at sunset on Airport Vortex.   And of course he gifted them with one of his powerful and moving drum songs.

Watch Good Morning America video featuring Sedona Red Rock Tours and watch a live vortex tour in the magical deserts of Sedona!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sedona Hieroglyphs

You often see the signs of erosion and time in the Red Rocks of Sedona.  I call them Wind Writings.
It is written on the Wind.  This is a good book of writings that can take many meditations to decipher. Enjoy.!
When you are ready to turn the page - here's another:

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Spiral of Life

Here's a wonderful image of the Spiral of Life caught on Red Rock.
The Spiral is a wonderful symbol.  The Spiral continues - and though we often repeat patterns and experiences - the hope is that each time we do it is at a higher level.  May we learn from our mistakes and grow in wisdom as we climb up and up and up the Spiral of Life.
Ah Ho!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Create Your Own Wheel

Here's an idea.  Why not create your own Medicine Wheel.  It doesn't have to be elaborate or even big.  You could find a quiet spot in your yard and simply mark the directions and the center.  It would give you a focal point for your meditations.  It would mark your day and year and assist you in reviewing your life.
You can also create one in your home.  It would only take a few special stones or even crystals.
Once you have your Wheel you may come to it daily.  When you awaken - perhaps a quick spray smudge to cleanse yourself and welcome the day.  At sunset step into or sit beside your Wheel and think about your day - the lessons, the gifts, is there any healing or forgiveness necessary?
In our home we have a ritual we call the Spirit Plate.  Every evening we create a plate of food - a sampler of all the wonderful things we are going to enjoy for dinner.  We take it to our Wheel and say prayers.  We give thanks for all our Blessings.  We prayer for healing for our friends and the planet.  We offer our abundance to the Spirit of Sedona and the Spirit of our Home and Land.  We place the Spirit Plate in the Center of the Wheel. Then we enjoy our own meal.
This gives us a wonderful opportunity daily to step out of the routine and the hectic and the chores of life - to STOP and be grateful.  We center and remember what is truly important.  Then we really enjoy our meal, our home, or life and our family.
A south western Medicine Wheel is like a little Japanese Garden.  It will give you a place and space to reflect, to pray, to envision, to release, to heal, to give thanks and to BE.
Ah Ho!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Divine Heart Wheel

We have crossed the Bridge and enter now into the Divine Heart.
This Heart is made of Merkabite Calcite.  A gem that assists us in lifting up - ascending.  entering into the Realm of Spirit.
In the very Center of the Heart is a Red Rock Heart to ground us and a pink quartz heart to open us more deeply.
Take a deep breath now and as you exhale let go of everything.
Let go of every person, place, thing.
Let go of any need to control.
Let Go and Let God.
You are in the Divine Heart.
The Heart that Allows.
The Heart that cannot be broken.
The Heart that loves unconditionally.
The Heart that knows no limits.

There is only LOVE.

LOVE is all there is.

Turn to face the North and the rounded breasts - the feminine side of the Heart.
Drink in LOVE.
Let yourself feast from the mother and fill yourself with LOVE.

Turn now to the South.  The pointed male arrow of the Heart.
Send your Love now into the World.
Send it to those you Love.
Send it to your Community.
Send it to where there is strife and pain and war and hunger.
Send your Love to everyone and all things.

Feel LOVE entering through your back from the North and flowing from your Heart to the South.  Encompassing the Whole World.

You are in an endless Ocean of LOVE.
Let the waves now rise up above the Earth and flow to all reaches of the Cosmos.
To the Father and the Mother.
To the Beginning and the End.

Melt into the Love.

Return to your Source.

Let there be LOVE.

There is LOVE

LOVE is there.

All is LOVE.



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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cross the Bridge

We always say "well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it."  Here at last you have come to the Bridge.  Bridges.  It is time to choose the Bridge.  The Bridge that you will cross.  Cross that Bridge - the thymus gland bridge from the human heart to the Divine Heart.
Journey the Wheel again.  Feel each bridge.  Let your intuition decide which bridge is the Bridge for you.
Will it be the East Bridge.
The East bridge is a Bridge of inspiration and child like innocence.
The South is a Bridge of Passion and Fire, conviction and Knowing it all.
The West is the Bridge of depth, deep emotions of being in the flow.
The North is a Bridge of solid, grounded, peaceful energy and great wisdom.
Walk the Wheel now and choose your Bridge.
If you have come to Sedona it is time. If you have found the Divine Heart Wheel in solid stone or internet ethers - it is time. Time to cross that Bridge.  Leave the human Heart behind.  Leave behind control and suffering.  Loss and pain.  Lack and insecurity.  Walk that bridge now.

And as you walk tap that thymus gland gently 72 times.  Tap the thymus gland an awaken the Heart.  Allow yourself to step over and up to the Hrit - The Divine Heart.
The Divine Heart is waiting for you.
Ah Ho!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Wheel Continues . . .

And now we leave the North.  This is what I call the Bonus 25. We have gathered all our wisdom, knowledge growth from a life well lived and we are being granted those years of harvest.  We leave the night time behind and come to a New Dawn in the East.
We are elevated here to the element of Ether. We now move into the realms on the Higher Self and we are welcomed in the East to a New Morn - a New Life a rebirth into Spirit.
What is Death to the Material World is Birth to the Spirit.  We leave as we enter thru the Gate of the Morning.  The gate of New Beginnings.
There is no end - the circle spirals higher.  We lift up and Ascend to our true Selves.
Fly High - Soar. Transcend Grief and Sorrow.  Transcend Endings.  Transcend disappointment.  There is always an new beginning.  A rebirth a transformation is possible.  We continue. To be continued . . .
Ah Ho.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The North

We travel now to the north.  Our journey takes us through the next 25 years of our lives.  We move through the Evening. We are in the Autumn moving towards Winter.

When we arrive in the North it is Winter - December 21st - the longest night of the year.  It is now midnight.
We are 75 years old.  The element is Earth.

We have now gathered the wisdom - the harvest of our years.  We are grounded and deeply peaceful.
Let yourself sink deep into the Earth, into the depths, the dark, the Peace.
Ah Ho.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wheel Walking

Our Wheel Walk continues . We leave the bridge of the South and walk the next 25 years of our lives.  Gathering experience, lessons, love and shaping our souls.
We arrive in the West.
Element of Water.
It is now 6 p.m.
It is Autumn.
We are 50 years old.
This is the Bridge of depth.  of deep feelings.
The bridge that can transmute all.
The Waters of life.
Flow now.  Allow yourself to Flow.
Flow in the river of Life.
Ah Ho!

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