Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New year's Eve everyone. these are powerful times.  Today is a full Moon, Blue Moon, lunar eclipse and it is also a Super Moon - closest to the Earth with the Sun, Earth and Moon all in alignment. Haven't had a full moon on New Year's Eve since 1971 (I was in highschool). It is also the end of a decade.
Fabulous time to sit back, breath and review 2009.  Take time to be grateful for the good, the bad and the ugly too.  It may not all be good but it is all for the good.

I for one have a lot to be grateful for this New Year's Eve.  And I have lots to be grateful for and intend and pray and envison for this New Year and this New Decade.

I will leave you now because we are preparing for a day long Celebration, Ceremony in our Tipi Temple.
We're lighting a Blue Candle to represent the Blue Moon - looking toward the Blue Star Sirius and opening to our highest Good and the Highest Good of Humanity and our Beautiful Blue Planet.

Pura Vida
and Peace, Shanti, Paz, Shalometh Shalom everyone!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!!!

It's 32 dgrees in Sedona and snowing!!

All our fury children are curled up inside.  Thunder Mountain is lost behind a cloud of fog.
And I just discovered that there is such a thing as the Univerity of Sedona!!

Isn't it amazing that whatever we need or we imagine comes right to our door? 
 Here are two examples that happened today:
Earlier this year I told my dear husband Akal that it was time for him to get his doctorate (I had one of my visions.  Once that happens there is really no other choice for him  but to make it so Number 1)- and lo and behold exactly what he needs opens up about three blocks from our home.  Really no excuses to buckling down and writing a thesis!

Another case in point.  We have a beautiful home and property in Sedona -  lots of Sun - so easy to go solar and we have been creating garden terraces in our back yard - still I kept thinking that we need a well.  Today in the mail we received a letter from a company that digs wells and checks for existing wells etc.  Well, our home just might have something like that since it is one of the original homes in Sedona.  They had to get water from someplace - right?  Without me doing anything about it - information came right to me.  definitely a path to explore.

For this coming New Year I am going to get even more specific and be extra special careful what I call into my life.  Cause at this point whatever I envision is walking right up to my gate and ringing the bell.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Visitors from A far

Today was very special - all the kids did a special Medicine Walk and worked with one of our clients - so Sefira was distracted from her escapades.  While they were gone I saw the reason for her desire - a COYOTE!! He came up to the fence as brazen as day looking for her - well, that is not going to happen!
Tonite we have erected flood lights so we cansee more of the yard and we are exploring other security options as well.
AND we had a wonderful surprise visit from Lorraine Moller and Harlan and family.  Lorraine is an amazing woman she was one of the very first woman marathon runners and won the Bronze Medal for New Zealand in Barcelona.  She is now a wonderful healer and powerhouse woman.  I met her a few years ago when I was touring in Boulder.  She and Harlan did some very transformative sessions on me.  Well they were on their way from California to Colorado and stopped for a hug an exchange of Honi and the Sacred Breath of Aloha and she had another piece for me - about the WHALE -(more on the Whale energy later) - apparently there is a magical woman named Grace Whale in New Zealand that I will be going to meet with her in New Zealand.  Yippee- I love spiritual adventures.
Akal took them all to Airport and did a drum and a song for them and now they are on their way through Navajo Land. 
Good Day.
More pieces of info in my personal Medicine Puzzle.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Today and most of yesterday and I am sure a big part of the next few days has been and will be about fences around here.
Our little Angel Sefira is in heat and she is not handling it well.
Whenever our backs are turned she is attempting to dig out of the yard - she had one successful venture so far.  Very unnerving for us.  We are fortifying heavily and she is under parent surveillance at all times.  One of us must be home and aware of her whereabouts at all times. Her brother Samadhi is very willing to aid and abeit her in her planned escape.  So he is under house arrest as well.
It takes a lot of vigilance to keep her distracted and happy.  And at the same time figure out how to secure our borders.  I have new appreciation for Home Land Security.
So here are some thoughts for you today.
Are there certain overhelming drives and desires in your life that may be getting in the way of your security and your families happiness? 
Are they really worth it? 
And are there any fences in your life that need mending? 
Might be a good time.  Even when you think you have done all that you can to repair the damages you would be surprised that there is always something else you can try.  Don't allow yourself to be thwarted.
Trust me no matter how besieged and bedraggled those fences may be - with a little innovation and imagination there is always something else you can do mend them.
Sometimes our loved ones just need us to be a little extra ingenious in our love and our care taking.
Making sure our Loved ones are safe and protected from harm is never too much work.
Everyone is in the house den for the evening crunching on fabulously stinky Elk Bones.
And for now all the fences are secure and alls quiet on our home front.
Pleasant dreams and to more fence mending manana.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chakra Balance

Today was my first yoga Class back at the Sedona Rouge since December 4th!!

Since you couldn't be there - here's a quick exercise for clearing, balancing and opening your chakras.

Visualize the Great Central Sun shining over your head.
Inhale one single ray from the Great Central Sun into your Crown Chakra
and all the way down to your Root Chakra at the base of your spine.
Then exhale this single ray back up your spine to your Heart Chakra and out from your
Heart in a circle radiating out for 11 miles in all directions.
Repeat this breath for 1 minute.
Voila all Chakras are now open and balanced.
A very quick and effective method.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

It's a beautiful Boxing Day in Sedona.
Boxing Day is a Canadian tradition - very much like Black Friday.  Everyone boxes up what they want tor eturn and the stores are packed and the deals are flowing.  But mostly people use it as another excuse to get together with friends and family - so there's another big meal and parties tonite in Canuck Land.
Akal and I are both Canucks eh?
We've been celebrating by sleeping in and going for a warm sun drenched hike with our doggies.  And reading news reports of snow and storms in the East.
Did we mention that we love our Southwest Paradise.  Bless you Sedona!! Ah Ho.
So Happy Boxing Day Eh.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Ola from Costa Rica

Beautiful evening - rain on the roof, waves crashing on the shore, Ylang Ylang perfume in the air, breeze in the hair.  Mmmmmmm.
Wish you were here.
This year's Costa Rica Retreat was a great success and next year you WILL be here with me.
Pura Vida

Friday, December 4, 2009



It is upon us at last.  We depart tomorrow morning for Costa Rica.  There are 6 lovely women coming with me from Colorado, California, Canada, Phoenix and Sedona.  We are off to relax and rejuvenate.  I am going to the OCEAN!!
I am pretty sure I will not be blogging - but maybe Akal might upload a few Blogs if we are lucky!!  Akal will be here in Sedona taking people out on powerful Vortex Tours and performing Wedding Ceremonies - so book one or both today!!
So no news for the next two weeks from Sedona - but Iwill be back for Christmas - and it will be a Red Rocks Sedona Christmas.
Hasta La Vista Babies
Hope you can join us next year in Costa Rica!!
Until I return
Vaya Con Dios

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Back to the World

It's time to leave the Divine Heart and return to your life.
You have crossed that Bridge in your life.
You are in the Divine Heart.
Take this Peace and Love with you into your World.
It is not happening to you
It is happening for you.

Everything in your World is unfolding FOR you.  it is all a gift.  you get to experience it all.  Lucky you.



It is perfect.

We are all growing, expanding, evolving, awakening to our truth, our Light and our Divinity.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Center

Well, you've had plenty of time to think about it. It is now time to choose the Bridge that you will take to cross over into the Divine Heart.
We've all said:"Ill cross that bridge when I come to it."
Well, you've come to it now.  So cross the Bridge and I will meet you in the Center, the Hrit,
The Divine Heart.

Sit in the center for a moment or two and feel it all fall from your shoulders.  All the burdens you have been carrying.  Let it all go.  All the people, places, things.  Any need to control or judge - let it go. 
Let go and Let God.
Let your belly and your gut relax.  Take a deep breath. feel the Peace in this place.

Turn to the North and the great rounded breasts of the  Heart - the feminine side of the Heart and allow your self to receive all the Love the Divine Mother has for you in this moment.  Fill up.  Drink deeply from this well.
Now let yourself envision all of your Loved Ones, your life.  See your Life and your Beloveds from this place of allowing. For just this moment let them all be and do and express and experience exactly what they want to.  It is all perfect.  It may not all be good - but it is all for the good.
Realize that all of this life - all of the circumstances and experiences have not been happening TO you - they have been happening FOR you.
Nurture your self in this Heart that Allows -this Heart that is only Love. This place of unconditional Love.
When you are full and overflowing and glowing and sparkling with Love turn to the South gate and the masculine point of the heart and allow this Love you are to flow from your Heart and into the World.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

West to North to East again

Yesterday we made it to the South Bridge and today we travel on to the West bridge.
The element here is Water and it is now 6 p.m. or 50 years of age.
If you choose to cross the Bridge into the Divine Heart from the West Gate you would be crossing abridge of deeply felt emotions and you would be in the flow having released resistance.
From here we travel to the North Gate.  The element here is Earth. The time midnight.  The age 75.
This bridge to the Divine Heart is very grounded and peaceful. 
From here we travel back to the East gate. Back to 6 a.m. and the bonus 25 years taking you to the full measufre of a life.  This is the gate we entered through and if we choose to cross the bridge here the Element is now Ether.  This is the Ascension Bridge - the rising up.  This is also our exit.  Our death to the material World is our entrance into the Spiritual world and a walk around the Spirit Wheel.
In every Medicine Wheel another is implied - they create an infinity symbol - Birth/Death/Birth/Death.  Until we find the path that lifts us up and beyond this infinity cycle.
So now meditate on the bridge that is for you.  And tomorrow - we will come to the Bridge and we will cross it.